Fit 2 Stitch

Fit 2 Stitch
Hosted by Peggy Sagers.

Fit expert Peggy Sagers shares her vision for creating a garment that fits perfectly. FIT 2 STITCH concentrates on three elements: design, fit, and stitching. Learn the rules of pattern making and how they apply to making a garment ready for successful stitching. FIT 2 STITCH joins its sister show IT’S SEW EASY inspiring viewers to make garments that they will love to wear and that fit perfectly. Join Peggy as she ventures into the world of pattern and style for the perfect fit!

Host Bio:

Peggy Sagers
has been drafting and making patterns since graduating college in 1980. She graduated with a BS in Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design. Credited for sewing the costumes of Olympic Figure Skater, Elvis Stojko, Peggy has been behind the scenes for numerous designers, creating patterns for over 25 years.

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Peggy Sagers, the host of Fit 2 Stitch
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